Giacomo Montresor - Castello di Soave 2019 ~ Veneto, Italy
Giacomo Montresor - Castello di Soave ~ Veneto, Italy

Giacomo Montresor - Castello di Soave 2019 ~ Veneto, Italy

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The Winemaker ".....full-bodied, fine aromatic persistence. Delicate and fruity aroma with hints of apple and acacia." (2017 Vintage)

The Montresor family are prominent Italian winemakers, with their roots in the establishment of the wine industry in France. In the 16th century the family moved from Chateau Montresor in the Loire valley to Verona, Italy acquiring lands and estates and establishing viniculture in the region. In the second half of the 19th century, the family started selling the wines under the family name. Within a century they had established a reputational as an internationally acclaimed estate.

The story of the family, outside of their involvement in wine is fascinating. The count Claude de Montresor had a prominent position during Cardinal Richelieu reign, taking part in the political events as prime counsellor of Duke d’Orleans, the cousin of the King. Interesting also is the Montresor family's mentioned in Edgar A. Poe's famous tale 'The Amontillado Cask', where a member of the Montresor family is described as "a premium wine connoisseur with an excellent palate".

The Soave Blend refers to the combination of Garganega and Trebbiano di Soave (or Verdicchio) that make up Soave DOC wines, arguably one of Italy's most famous white wines. This crisp and fruity white wine, made mostly in the Venetian hills near Verona, is now enjoyed around the world, offering a simple and refreshing wine experience.

Soave Classico wines are produced under the Soave DOC of Veneto, north-eastern Italy, specifically from Soave's traditional classico vineyard zone. They are dry, still white wines made predominantly (at least 70%) from Garganega grapes. In the past decade Trebbiano Toscano and Pinot Bianco have been removed from the official makeup of Soave wines, leaving Chardonnay and Trebbiano di Soave (Verdicchio) as the only other grapes specifically sanctioned for use in the wines.