Certified Organic Cabernet Sauvignon by Grosset 2014, Australian red wine. Available online from Pop Up Wine, online store of great value wines in Singapore. One day delivery.

Grosset "Gaia" Cabernet Sauvignon Cabernet Franc 2014 ~ (Organic) Clare Valley, South Australia

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97/100 Tyson Stelzer

95/100 The Wine Front Organic

Grosset Gaia is one of the most sought-after wines produced in Australia ~ Langton Classification of Australian Wine

Tyson Stelzer’s Australian & New Zealand Wines of the Year 2015 ~ Top 20 Wines of the Year Under $100

James Halliday 5 star winery

Campbell Mattinson, The Wine Front "Gaia is such a statuesque wine. It has cellarworthiness inked across its arms and chest. It presents dense blackcurrant, gum leaf, dark tobacco and cedar spice and although it’s mighty with both flavour and tannin it manages to still feel restrained. It’s a neat wine, an athlete in a suit. Screwcap-sealed, alive with aroma, gloriously cabernet-esque, dense, balanced, tannic and lengthy..."

Tyson Stelzer "All the character of this high, cool, tough site is encapsulated in the 25th anniversary edition of Gaia. You can feel the struggling vines in tiny berry cassis concentration, the grip of cold nights in fragrant violet perfume and the rocky geology in fine mineral texture. It is the vinous signature of a remarkable and dramatic place, and it signs off with tangy lightness, effortless coherence and grand endurance."

"The undisputed monarch of Clare Valley is Jeffrey Grosset, whose 32-year reign has seen a raft of superlative wines set standards to which other winemakers can only aspire."

Andrew Caillard "The best thing about Grosset, is the sheer enthusiasm, utter commitment and genuine love for making something sublime and brilliant."

In 2014, Grosset Gaia was included on the Langton Classification of Australian Wine, widely regarded as the best publication of its kind outside Europe. This recognises Grosset Gaia as one of the most sought-after wines produced in Australia.

Jeffrey Grosset established the isolated and windswept Gaia Vineyard in 1986. Planted at an elevation of 570 meters, it is the highest vineyard in the Clare Valley. Consisting of two hectares of cabernet sauvignon and cabernet franc, this strikingly beautiful site is extremely challenging and requires careful management. Hard red rock predominates, and the rocky outcrops that break through the earth prevent inter-row cropping and weed control through tillage. Instead, seed is broadcast by hand and grasses and clovers encouraged to regenerate.

Close-planted at 3000 vines per hectare, the yield is about two kilograms per vine; less than two bottles of wine. That vines manage to grow here at all is something of a marvel, let alone the quality and consistency of the fruit they produce. Grosset named the vineyard ‘Gaia’ after scientist and environmentalist James Lovelock’s theory of symbiosis, which posits that the earth is a single living organism of immense complexity; one that depends on the full diversity of its species to remain in balance, sustain its ecological health, and restore itself in the face of the changing environmental conditions precipitated by human activity.

Grosset has absorbed Lovelock’s ecological theories and applied them to his own methods of viticulture so that today, his vineyard is hand-tended and ACO certified organic. The resilience of the vines in such difficult terrain is a testament to the soundness of this philosophy. Grosset Gaia Clare Valley is the northernmost wine region within the Mount Lofty Ranges zone of South Australia, located 81 miles (130km) north of the state capital, Adelaide. It is one of the most picturesque wine regions of Australia, with a tradition in winemaking going back to the early 19th century when the first vines were planted.