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Otherside Craft Beer Mixed ~ Fremantle Australia ~ 16 Pack Value

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This is great……and here’s why!

16 x generous, environmentally-friendly 375ml cans of award-winning Australian craft beer from Otherside Brewing

4 x Anthem India Pale Ale

Bronze - Australian International Beer Awards 2018

RateBeer "a light bodied, pale golden Indian Pale Ale inspired by the fruity, hop-forward styles from the American west coast. The clean malt bill is layered with hops to give hits of citrus, tropical fruit and dank resin, whilst a hint of lupulin powder packs the final punch."

4 x Festive Session Ale

Gold - 2018 Beer awards, Perth Royal

The Brewer "..crafted to be the ultimate expression of a ‘festival’ beer, Festive Session Ale was the brewery’s inaugural release. Festive packs enough flavour to intrigue, yet is an eminently sessionable brew. This medium-bodied ale is supple and malty, with tropical citrus notes and a refreshing finish."

4 x Harvest Red Ale

Silver - 2018 Beer Awards Perth Royal

RateBeer "A medium-bodied, generously-hopped red ale, with vivid melon and citrus notes up front – backed up with the alluring raisin and plum characters of the premium caramel malts. Harvest is a rich and beguiling brew that reveals artful balance."

4 x Social Classic Lager

Silver - Australian International Beer Awards 2018

The Brewer "It’s a classic lager: single malt, single hop. This straw-coloured brew features German Perle hops, which are spicy and floral, backed up with a light German malt, and is brewed in the Helles style."

David Harker "When you only have room for one brand of beer in your wine store, you'd better get it right! This is as right as it gets. It's the beer I drink when I'm not drinking wine."

We've seen it ourselves, Otherside Brewing selects quality ingredients, uses no preservatives and has a small team overseeing its tanks with much the same commitment as a good wine-maker tends their barrels.

Otherside Brewing produces all its beer in cans. Has done since the company first launched. It may not be fancy, but it's the choice of earth loving breweries globally.

Vinepair "More and more craft breweries are adding cans to their lineups because they’re cheap, they travel well, they keep damaging light from hitting the beer inside.....and cans have a smaller carbon footprint than glass..because they are lighter.... and take less cardboard to hold and transport....A bottle emits 20 percent more greenhouse gases than a can... Plus cans are made with...70 percent recycled content, and people recycle their cans 20 percent more often than they recycle glass."

So if you don't want your beer in a can, grab a glass. We favour a chilled, large red wine glass; the way we serve our gin and tonics!