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Charles Cimicky "Saint C" Shiraz - Cabernet Sauvignon 2013 ~ Barossa Valley South Australia

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James Halliday "These wines are of very good quality, thanks to the sophisticated use of good oak in tandem with high quality grapes."

James Halliday "Historically, Cimicky was happy to keep an ultra-low profile, but he has relented sufficiently to send some (very impressive) wines [to the critics for rating]. [Cimicky] Exports to the US, Canada, Switzerland, Germany, Malaysia and Hong Kong." 

Charles Cimicky is a winemaker who devotes himself entirely and somewhat relentlessly to his craft. He is known for producing big, bold Barossa red wines of the highest pedigree. Over the past 30 years this reclusive and somewhat shy person has consistently sought growth and improvement in all aspects of his trade. His devotion knows no end; he has, however, no time and definitely no inclination to promote his fine product.

Czech immigrant Karl Cimicky founded Karlsburg Winery in 1973. In the early 90’s Karl's son Charles began to take a keen interest in winemaking and the ‘good’ wines started turning into awesome wines.

In addition to top of the line fermenters and barrels, Cimicky also has an estate bottling line, something of a rarity in Australia, allowing him to personally control all facets of production. Charles Cimicky produces rich, voluptuous, generous wines with superb balance.

Now in his late forties Charles Cimicky is one of the most quality-driven, meticulous winemakers in South Australia.