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Majella The Musician Cabernet Shiraz 2014 ~ Coonawarra, South Australia


This is great……and here’s why!

91/100 James Halliday
90/100 The Wine Front

James Halliday "This is 100% all about drinkability and pleasure - and vice versa. It is brimming with red, purple, blue and black fruits - it's all in the eye of the beholder, and the type isn't important, or as important as it would be with more expensive single varietal wines. A classic all on its own."

Campbell Mattinson, The Wine Front "Coonawarra cabernet and shiraz, fermented in both oak and stainless steel. Pure fruit flavour. It lays it on. It’s delicious. Blackcurrant and redcurrant, a spray of dried herbs, a slip of saucy vanilla, a gentle run of dusty tannin. The fruit purity here is glorious. It’s hugely drinkable as a result. Fresh as a daisy too."

Winsor Dobbin, Launceston Examiner "When it comes to affordable reds for everyday drinking it's hard to go past this delicious blend"

Chris Shanahan "The wine delivers Coonawarra’s deep, ripe, berry flavours, medium body and elegant structure, without the overlay of oak or other winemaker inputs seen in wines made for cellaring."

Ralph Kyte-Powell, The Age "If you like clasically minty Coonawarra reds you'll enjoy this." Majella is one of the most awarded small Australian wineries. It is family owned and based in the famous Coonawarra wine region of South Australia. The Coonawarra wine region is characterised by its soils, known far and wide as “terra rossa” - literally “red earth”. The Coonawarra “terra Rossa” forms a long, linear shape, little more that 20km long, and in parts only a few kilometres wide.