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88/100 - Distiller Score

BEST PEATED WHISKY - Malt Maniacs Awards 2013

SILVER MEDAL - Malt Maniacs Awards 2013

Whisky Reviewer "This particular expression is one of Amrut's best. As there is no peated barley in India, Amrut sources it from Scotland, having it peated there to their specifications before being shipped to the distillery in India. The peat dissipates somewhat during the journey."

Flaviar "Think Islay peat that is more friendly and exotic. Fantastic quality, very mouth-coating, and simply delicious. Excellent price ..... Amrut Peated and Amrut Fusion are so good that I’m constantly in search of affordable Indian malt whisky now."

Connosr "On the finish more spices emerge (allspice, cayenne) with a gentle pull of oak and some soft leather. .....this is a terrific dram that is always a pleasure to drink."

Whisky Wash "I think this could sipped year round, when other whiskies or single malts can be too warm for the sunnier months."

Scotchnoob "Reminds me a bit of Finlaggan – where the youth of the malt means all of the complexity is in the peat, which delivers a lot of intense flavor.......this is a powerful, peaty kick in the head that any true peat-head should take a look at."

Drink Hacker "The nose shows plenty of classic peat smoke, but it’s sweet and heathery, almost like Highland peat, with a bit of wood ash and savory, cured meat. It’s a considerable departure from the fruit-forward aroma in the unpeated offering, but I do get some of the same creamy texture. On the palate, this one is bright and light-bodied, an initial oiliness turning almost effervescent across the sip. It’s crisp with classic sweet cereals and honey candies. The mid-palate sees a bit of salty brine that builds into the finish with matchheads complementing sweet biscuits, vanilla cream, and a bit of lemon curd. It’s not nearly as unique, but I think I prefer this version over its all-Indian counterpart. 92 proof."

Amrut Peated is loved for its smoky, malt, spicy and earthy flavor notes.

Nose - Delicate peat that is different from other peat scents with earthy tones some hot spices and just a whiff of fruity odors.

Mouth - The peatiness is hidden by smoky and malty sensations that are followed by hints of spices, pepper and herbal notes.

Finish - A strong malty finish with peat and smoke kicking in at the end. Oak is also present.

Amrut Single Malt Whisky is the product of many years’ research and dedication. Some of Amrut is made from carefully selected Indian barley and its peatier whiskies from malted Scottish barley from malthouses in Scotland.

The history of Amrut Distilleries is as old as the history of independent India itself. After six decades of notable progress, just like India, Amrut Distilleries has grown both in stature and size and is now noted as a global economic leader. Amrut Distilleries Private Limited began in 1948 under the name and style of Amrut Laboratories, with an initial investment of barely a few lakhs.