Art & Wine ~ RedSea Gallery ~ Wed 20 May ~ 6:30-8:30pm

Art & Wine ~ RedSea Gallery ~ Wed 20 May ~ 6:30-8:30pm


This is great……and here’s why!
Join 40 others at an intimate, unique event for wine and art lovers.

Meet a master from the art world whilst enjoying some masters from the wine world.

Enjoy the inspiring works of New Zealand sculptor Ben Young as he discusses his latest exhibition and his involvement in the international world of art. In a rare experience, Ben will take you on a tour of his exhibition at RedSea Gallery.

Set in one of Singapore’s leading contemporary art galleries, RedSea Gallery and hosted by its founder, Chris Churcher.

You will enjoy a curated selection of Pop Up Wine's newest and most popular wines rated 90/100+ by the world’s top wine critics along with some of the premium wines from New Zealand’s leading vineyards. Our wine experts will be on hand to guide you through tastings. You will also enjoy discounts of up to 30% on any home-delivery wine purchases made on the night.

About Ben Young

Young’s current work explores the use of industrial materials to compliment the organic glass shapes. He liked the idea that concrete is a basic construction material, and also the physical and visual contrasts between the textures and colours of both materials. Still noticeably influenced by the ocean and bodies of water - the concrete forms have become an integral part of his art forms as have the small bronze carvings which he sculpts initially from wax and uses to help portray the narrative suggested by his landscapes.

Having spent most of his life living in the beautiful Bay of Plenty (North Island, NZ) it seemed natural for him to explore the local landscape and surroundings for early inspiration in his art. A keen surfer and a boat builder by profession, he is largely influenced by the ocean and brings these passions together in his evocative glass forms.

Each of Young’s sculptural works are hand drawn, hand cut and handcrafted from clear sheet float glass, then laminated layer upon layer to create the final form. He constructs models, draws templates, makes custom jigs and then cuts the layers with a glazier’s hand-tool. The complexity comes from the planning phase, where he says ‘I do a lot of thinking before I even start to draw or cut’. He then sketches the concept by hand and creates a plan using traditional technical drawing techniques: ‘I work with 2D shapes and have to figure out how to translate that into a 3D finished piece. Sometimes my starting point changes dramatically as I have to find a way to layer the glass to create certain shapes.’

Ben Young is a self-taught artist who has been making glass sculpture for over 15 years and has exhibited alongside well-known glass artists both internationally and in Australia.

About RedSea Gallery

Founded in 2001, RedSea Gallery is one of Singapore’s leading contemporary art galleries. It has established a reputation, in Asia as an institution that represents a highly exclusive and international selection of well-respected and emerging artists. RedSea Gallery is located in an historic building in Dempsey Hill, once the colonial army barracks and now one of Singapore’s architectural and cultural heritage sites.

About the Event

'Art & Wine' is Singapore's most unique, new event series. Presented by Pop Up Wine, Singapore's favourite wine store. Pop Up Wine was founded by two wine and art enthusiasts, Isadora Noble and David Harker who established 'Art & Wine' to invite friends of Pop Up Wine to enjoy two of their favourite things; contemporary art and premium wine.

Wednesday 20 May


REDSEA Art Gallery

Block 9 Dempsey Road, #01-10 Dempsey Hill

Tanglin Village, Singapore 247697