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Bottega IL Vino Dei Poeti Prosecco DOC Extra Dry NV ~ Veneto, Italy

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This is great……and here’s why!
Extra dry, is a barely off-dry style Prosecco from the multi-award winning winery - Bottega - famous for its top end Prosecco served in gold bottles.

Bottega creates Prosecco in Venoto Italy using the classified Glera grape and below are previous tasting notes about this label.

John Szabo, Master Sommelier (MS) ~ "A prosecco made in an gentle, barely off-dry style (though still brut), lightly effervescent, crisp, fruity and floral. This is the sort of stuff to buy in quantity to have on hand for that spontaneous moment; it will appeal widely and fit almost any occasion, at a fine price. (Tasted December 2014).

Rhys Pender MW (Master of Wine) ~ "Floral, pear, green apple and honeydew melon notes on the nose. The palate has a lively, crisp mousse, racy acidity and green apple and mineral flavours in this dry Prosecco."

Winemakers notes ~ "Brilliant, with a rich and persistent foam and fine perlage. Straw yellow with fruity, flowery notes, with scents of acacia flowers, apple, white peach and citrus fruits. The taste is Fresh, delicate, fragrant and well-balanced"

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