Chateau des Capitans Julienas ~ 6 Pack Value
Chateau des Capitans Julienas ~ 6 Pack Value

Chateau des Capitans Julienas 2018 ~ 6 Pack Value

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This is great……and here’s why!
Six bottles of the popular Chateau des Capitans Julienas. A crowd favourite from one of the most well-known wineries of France's famous Burgundy wine-growing region.

90/100 - Wine Enthusiast
90 /100 - Wine Spectator
90/100 - Wine Advocate
Decanter World Wine Awards

Silver - Vinalies Internationales
Bronze - Hong Kong International Wine & Spirit Competition
Silver - Concours General Agricole Paris

Jo Diaz "Softer tannins...a bit more silk than velvet...smooth"

The Washington Post "Great Value. Rich and savory, this wine brings to mind a cold winter’s night with a wood fire and a boeuf bourguignon on the stove."

Jo Diaz "The voluptuousness of earthy Beaujolais is a perfect way to describe [Chateau des Capitans Julienas]. There was exquisite richness. This Gamay Beaujolais is grown close to Burgundy and its Pinot Noirs. They have a bit of a similar character, Gamay and Pinot do. Usually, we think of Pinot as the lightest of red wines, and just taking that one step south into the Beaujolais region of Northern Burgundy, the flavors seem to pick up a bit more depth…All very delicious."

Kyle Swartz "The 2015 Beaujolais Vintage Could Be The Best Since 1947."

Kyle Swartz "immediately drinkable but adding that 5-10 years would also produce desirable results of complexity and maturation." (Comment from a tasting in 2016)

100% Gammay

The 19th-Century Chateau Juliénas des Capitans is situated in the heart of AOC Cru Juliénas, in a locality known as Les Capitans. The remarkably old vines form a single vineyard that circles the estate and benefits from optimal soil and microclimate conditions.

The remarkably old vines form one single, undivided vineyard circling the estate, and benefit from optimal soil and microclimate conditions. South-southeast hillside exposure to the sun allows the grapes to attain perfect ripening before they are harvested.

According to popular tradition, this locality has preserved unmistakable signs of its Roman origin. Considered as a strategic point, the Chateau Juliénas des Capitans site was in all likelihood where military staff headquarters were located, thus, the name Capitan, which refers to the officer rank of captain, or first in command. In the 1940’s, the castle and vineyard estate belonged to Victor Peyret, a colorful wine merchant and rambunctious gourmet from nearby Lyon, who left to posterity, among other things, the literary prize he endowed. At the annual mid-November wine festival held in the village of Julienas, the Victor Ppeyret Prize is awarded to a celebrity from the arts who is recognized as a worthy ambassador of Cru Julienas. The prize consists of 104 bottles of choice Julienas, just the right number to enjoy every Saturday and Sunday for an entire year!

Jo Diaz "The vineyard below is a single, 17-acre block, and is 1,050 feet above sea level. It has an ideal south-east exposure, with its soil make-up consisting of granite, clay, and alluvial silt; all perfect for grape growing."

Chateau des Capitans Julienas is owned by Les Vins Georges Duboeuf, one of the largest and best-known wine producers in France. The company is known especially for its popularization and production of Beaujolais wines, leading to Duboeuf's nicknames of le roi du Beaujolais (the king of Beaujolais) or sometimes pape du Beaujolais (Pope of Beaujolais).

Juliénas is an appellation covering wines produced from vineyards in the north of the Beaujolais region of eastern France. The red, Gamay-based wines of Juliénas often show characters of spice, flowers and red fruit.

Beaujolais is an important wine region of eastern France in the southern part of Burgundy, famous for its vibrant, fruity red wines made from Gamay. It is located immediately south of Burgundy, of which it is sometimes considered to be a part, despite being within the Rhone administrative region. The widespread plantings of Gamay here make Beaujolais one of the few regions of the world to be so focused on a single grape variety.

Gamay (Gamay Noir à Jus Blanc in full) is a grape variety that is most famous for producing the light, fruit-driven red wines of Beaujolais. While the variety offers fresh, red-fruit and candied aromas, it typically delivers little in the way of flavor concentration and body weight, giving lighter wines, however some well-made examples can be deep and complex.