Langlet Blanc de Blancs Premier Cru Extra-Brut Bouteille Blanche - pack
Langlet Blanc de Blancs Extra-Brut Bouteille Blanche Champagne - 6 Pack Value

Langlet Blanc de Blancs Extra-Brut Bouteille Blanche Champagne - 6 Pack Value

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This is great……and here’s why!
Six highly rated popular Langlet Blanc de Blancs Premier Cru Extra-Brut Bouteille Blanche Champagne from one of France's leading French champagne producers. Singapore's best value premium champagne.

Sommelier Particulier "This Blanc de Blancs evokes refinement, always with the low-dose, fresh and precise style of Langlet."

The Winemaker “A pale colour with very fine bubbles. Grapefruit and passion fruit notes are revealed in a discreet aroma. This very mineral wine is extremely vibrant. Its final leads on to more robust aromas. An energetic vintage to wake up the tastebuds ... at brunchtime!”

100% Chardonnay

Sommeliers International "...on many fine tables in Paris."

Gold Medal Wine Club "...from France’s esteemed Champagne Langlet, a progressive and ultra-modern new Champagne house located in the village of Gland on the right bank of France’s Marne Valley."

Sommeiliers International "The Langlet Champagnes are an original adventure, that of three friends, native from wine grower families of Champagne. You have Vincent Métivier, the man in the vineyard....who continuously studies his land, not yet organically farmed but with a permanent concern for nature (integrated farming, limited treatments, grass cover between the rows …); Luc Chaudon who runs a trade house whose vineyard in the Moutain of Reims mainly consist of Grand Crus and First Crus; and Frédéric Papelard, ambassador of the brand, to who we owe to find Champagne Langlet on many fine tables in Paris. “Moreish, natural, terroir driven wines…Today I supply some 400 restaurants in Paris." The range comprises 7 cuvées .... from the house’s Brut with its notes of plum and wild cherry to the Extra Brut aged in oak barrels “with aromas of roasted pine nuts and lavender honey in the finish, to be served over “an oven-baked lamb loin with rosemary” according to Best Sommelier of the World Gerard Basset."

Langlet Champagne are an award winning new French Champagne producer. Their “exceptional” 2009 Vintage Extra Brut Champagne was awarded a gold medal by the Beverage Tasting Insitute. An alliance of three accomplished French winemakers and friends - Vincent Metiver, Luc Chaudron known for his grand crus and premier crus, and Frederic Papelard. Langlet champagne is produced from the chalky vineyards between renowned Château Thierry and Epernay in the region of Champagne, France.

Les Cave Des Guards "Champagne Langlet is a resolutely modern product. It is first and foremost the story of a meeting. That of Vincent Metiver, a winegrower who, between Château-Thierry and Épernay, has set up his press in the middle of the chalky plots of the vines that make up Champagne Langlet. A man who certainly learned from his elders the precise accomplishment of each stage of wine making. But who has also been able to develop the practice with “just what is needed” to protect champagne from solid organoleptic qualities, without altering the soil, the plant, or the fruit and even less the quality of the product. A product which is ultimately judiciously reasoned, harmoniously structured and originally defined. That of Luc Chaudron, an owner whose vineyard located on the Montagne de Reims consists mainly of Grand Crus and Premiers Crus. Luc is the one who oversees production including the bottles engraved with the names of the clients, decorated by renowned artists for limited editions. All champagnes are treated with a precision that makes the singular Langlet cuvées exceptional products. And then Frederic Papelard. This alliance required an esthete, plenipotentiary emissary of this new Champagne. Ambassador of the brand, with a friendly and generous openness, he brings Champagne Langlet to the sanction of the connoisseur market.

These three men, all three winegrowers and owners of their vines, are at the origin of Langlet Champagnes. They made it a product assembled in a subtle way, consensual and open to others: the friend, the artist, the poet, the one who wants the agape to be remembered ... A product that is quick to satisfy all those who, greedily, know how to decode its identity. This lineage is not the only singularity of Langlet Champagnes. “You have to be resolutely modern” said Rimbault, this is Champagne Langlet, mobile, evolving, progressive, irremediably part of the trends of its time. The huge kitchen set up in the middle of the cellar, in Gland, testifies to this desire to share the taste of celebration that we know is concentrated in these bottles."

Champagne is the most iconic sparkling wine in the world, produced in the region of Champagne in France. Synonymous with celebration, champagne is typically produced from a few specific varieties of grapes: pinot noir, chardonnay, and Pinot Meunier. With effervescent flavours of citrus, almond, and apple, champagne comes in varying levels of sweetness and has a moderate amount of alcohol. The most treasured Champagnes age for a minimum of 3 years.

The Champagne region lies at the northern edge of the world's vineyard-growing areas, with lower average temperatures than any other French wine region. In this kind of cool climate, the growing season is rarely warm enough to ripen grapes to the levels required for standard winemaking. Even in temperate years, Champagne's grapes still bear the hallmark acidity of a marginal climate, and it was only the discovery of secondary fermentation that provided a wine style capable of harnessing – and even embracing – this tartness.