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Singapore is an expensive city. The 4th most expensive on our planet according to CNBC and Mercer's 2016 Cost of Living Rankings.

So to help out, and after much agonising at Pop Up HQ - and several years of wallet-busting fine dining - here's what we - and our good mate, wine writer, Justin Teoh - consider 'The Best 10 BYO Restaurants in Singapore'.


 9. Burnt Ends

With several Australians on our books, it’s perhaps unsurprising that this Modern Australian Barbeque restaurant was popular.  Corkage is $50 per bottle.


8. Restaurant Andre

With two Michelin stars and a menu full of exquisite trickery, this restaurant is sometimes classified as Singapore’s best.  The food and service are both stunning, but we found the wine list a little disappointing at the time of our visit: it sadly included no dessert wines.  Perfect with BYO.  Corkage is $60 per bottle.


7. Artichoke

If you love Lamb, this inexpensive modern Moorish restaurant is a must visit.  Corkage is $30 per bottle - we hugely recommend taking a bottle of fun Pinot Noir to accompany that lamb.


6. Jaan

The Swisshotel’s 70th floor restaurant is as famous for its panoramic views as it is its excellent French cuisine.  They require a ransom of $100 per bottle, for corkage.


5. Otto Ristorante Italiano

One of the best Italian restaurants on the island, this recently relocated restaurant has corkage-free Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  On other days corkage is $30 per bottle.


4. The Disgruntled Chef

This Dempsey favourite has corkage-free Tuesdays, but charges $35 or more for corkage otherwise.  We were delighted to find a Beetroot-based salad on the menu, when we visited.


3. Bistecca Tuscan Steak House

Superb steaks, and a superb - mostly Italian - winelist.  Busy each and every time we have visited.  Corkage is $50 per bottle.


2.  Il lido - Sofitel

An excellent Italian restaurant within beautiful Sofitel Hotel, Sentosa. An impressive wine list. Corkage ($50) permitted upon prior request.


1. Shinji by Kanesaka

Double Michelin star winning chef Shinji Kanesaka’s eatery is the finest Japanese restaurant on the island.  Corkage is $50 per bottle.


Several restaurants, including those in the iconic Marina Bay Sands hotel, have proclaimed a complete ban on BYO, but many restaurants permit it - normally charging a “corkage” fee of $30 to $60 per bottle.  Some restaurants have a "buy one, bring one" policy.  A handful of restaurants offer invaluable corkage-free days.


James Hindle, Pop Up Wine 8/9/16

BYO Food and Wine Restaurants Singapore Top 10

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