Best Organic Wines in Singapore

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Many of todays leading wine critics, producers and trade press say there’s no denying that there’s an increasing trend toward organic wine consumption. Many wineries are moving in the direction of organic practices as much as they can, consumers are wanting more healthy & sustainable farming practices and products and organic wines are fitting the trend. - The Real Review

Pop Up Wine have over 100 organic wines to choose and we're delighted to have Singapore's largest range of premium, organic wines  - all carefully hand-selected for their quality and value. It’s pleasing to hear that New Zealand wineries are leading the world in moving to organic, with Australia and France fast on their heels. Good wine-makers know their soil and the quality of the grapes it produces is their lifeblood. By keeping soil healthy - they're keeping us healthy too. Thinking organic is too expensive?..A recent global survey found that organic wine was around 35% more expensive than its non-organic cousins but not when you buy with Pop Up Wine. Our organic wines start at only $31 offering terrific value.  So buy with the knowledge that at Pop Up Wine you'll find great quality, organic wine at the same low prices that we are famous. - David, Owner 

Best Organic Wines:

Dog Point - Organic philosophies drive Dog Point's approach to wine growing and in March 2012, 150 hectares of vineyards were certified organic by BioGro New Zealand, with another 60 hectares certified as C1 (2 years in conversion). A flock of around 2,000 sheep including Romney, Perendale Cross and Merino Wiltshire Cross are grazed in the winter to keep the grass low and fertilise as they go.

"McHenry Hohnen is tucked away off Bussell Highway to the south of Margaret River. The wines have bound from strength, a comment never truer than under the stewardship of winemaker Jacopo (Japo). Under his leadership, the wines have been catapulted into a new realm of quality. The chardonnays particularly exemplify that hard-to-achieve balance of pleasurable on release, and capable of graceful ageing. The move towards organics and sustainable farming has had a positive impact on the quality of the wines, and it is a delight to witness so much diversity in the vineyards - from experimental clones and new plantings, to sheep, chickens, olives and vegetables. McHenry Hohnen is an estate on the move - divert your eyes at your peril - EL."

Château Maucoil began several centuries ago. Ancient documents state that its first occupants were Romans who set up a base for Caesar’s legions. Later, Joseph de La Pise, Lord of Maucoil and archivist of the House of Orange-Nassau, the Dutch royal family, inherited the estate and the castle which was built in 1624. From then on, winegrowing became an intrinsic part of the history of Château Maucoil. The 45 hectares of vines in the Châteauneuf-du-Pape appellation have been organic agriculture since 2011. Château Maucoil uses ancient methods such as furrowing, forming mounds and ploughing to tend the vineyard.

Maxime Blin Champagne has captured the attention of the world's champagne experts. This fourth-generation family owned champagne house has produced many award winning champagnes which are rated highly and celebrated for their expression of the famous terrior in which the vineyard is located. It is one of the few certified organic champagne producers in the worrld. Situated in the Champagne village of Saint Thierry near Reims - the center of the Champagne world - boasting Veuve Clicquot, Pommery, Ruinart and Taittinger, Champagne Maxime Blin is the rising star amongst its big name neighbours.

Hedonist is a NASAA certified organic and biodynamic winery in the heart of South Australia's famous McLaren wine district. Esteemed owner Walter Clappis is Australia's only winemaker to win one of Australia's most prestigious wine awards, The Dan Murphy Trophy, three times. The Hedonist adopts a minimalistic and organic approach to winemaking, prioritising biodynamics and sustainability. The Hedonist is a multi-award winning winery.

Grosset - Jeffrey Grosset, owner and founder, has always been an innovator, challenging tradition and questioning accepted practices. He campaigned to institute the legal integrity of the Riesling grape in Australia, was a leading proponent for the introduction of screwcap closures and privately funded research into the subject. Grosset Wines’ philosophy has remained steadfast over thirty years. The emphasis is on purity of fruit. The estate vineyards, which are ACO certified organic, are hand tended and each bunch of grapes is harvested at optimum ripeness.

Corymbia is a new winery launched by one of the founding families of Western Australian wine. The Manns have grown grapes and made wine in the Swan Valley, Western Australia's oldest wine-growing region for over a century. Corymbia wines are critically acclaimed, organically-farmed, single-vineyard wines. Founder, Rob Mann is considered one of Australia's best contemporary winemakers. He was the senior winemaker at Hardy’s Tintara, and Cape Mentelle, where during his ten-year tenure the winery was twice awarded 'Australia's Producer of the Year' and Rob 'Australian Winemaker of the Year'. Prior to founding Corymbia he was Senior Winemaker at LVMH’s Newton Vineyard in the Napa Valley.


Melifera is the new, cult French organic gin from the exotic botanical-rich islands of Oléron and Corsica. Founded by French husband-wife duo, Christophe and Cécile Amigorena who left international careers spearheading brands such as L'Occitane to retire home to the French countryside to induldge their passion for sustainable gin making.

Rocca della Macie was established in 1973, when Italo Zingarelli – producer of Ettore Scola’s “We All Loved Each Other So Much”, and also of the wildly popular series of films featuring comedy duo Bud Spencer and Terence Hill (including “They Call Me Trinity” and “Trinity Is Still My Name”) – decided to realize his lifelong dream by acquiring the “Le Macìe” estate. And currently undergoing certification for Organic. 

Chateau Marquis de Terme began organic farming on a small parcel of vines with their first organic wine being the 2013 vintage. They are now farming their vineyards entirely organically achieving organic certification in 2017. Sitting on the doorstep of Margaux, Château Marquis de Terme is emblematic of both how many Bordeaux châteaux were once created and of the famous Margaux terroir. Though a Grand Cru Classé and world-renowned wine, the family owned estate is dedicated to premium wine-making and world class organic practices. The location of the estate at the heart of the Margaux appellation offers a climate that is heavily influenced by both the Gironde estuary and Bay of Biscay, as well as the sheltering effects of the coastal pine forests that protect the vines from the westerly and northwesterly winds.

Clos des Centenaires is a historic vineyard situated in Costieres de Nimes, close to the Mediterranean Sea. The vineyard boasts 70-year-old Grenache vines which are deeply rooted in the pebble stones overlooking the picturesque lakes of Petite Camargue. The vineyard also features Cabernet Sauvignon, Petite Verdot, and Cinsault, and is known for producing unique, high-end, elegant wines of excellent value.The vineyard soils are cultivated amongst natural grassland using shallow tillage methods and special attention is paid to the revitalization of vines (using annually prepared biodynamic compost). Inputs are limited to organically approved natural products.


The Poderi Colla winery focuses on sustainable viticulture and traditional winemaking techniques, producing wines that showcase the authentic flavors of the grapes. Poderi Colla produces a range of wines, including Barolo, Barbaresco, Dolcetto, Nebbiolo, and other regional varieties. Their Barolo and Barbaresco wines are especially revered, and they often age them in large oak casks to allow the wines to develop complex and nuanced flavors over time. 

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