Mojo Moscato NV - 6 Pack Value

Mojo Moscato NV - 6 Pack Value

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This is great……and here’s why!


90/100 James Halliday (2017 vintage)

James Halliday "A creamy and fruity moscato with a pink tint and flavours of lemonade, ginger and musk stick. It’s sweet and fruity thanks to a generous 92g/l of sugar, throwing it decidedly into dessert wine territory, and demanding a stiff chill to match." 

Moscato pairs beautifully with Szechuan, Thai and Vietnamese cuisine. It has a high level of residual sugar, which lends well to use as a desert wine.

Marty O'Flaherty, Winemaker "I created this Moscato in the same manner as the genuine Piedmontese Moscato that I grew to appreciate whilst working in Italy (often punched down at lunch as a palate cleanser to wash away some of the harshness left behind from the mornings 1/2 dozen espresso’s).

Clearly I took some liberties given the eye catching pink fleshy blush rather than the traditional translucent gold straw colour! I sourced the best Muscat Blanc à Petits Grains grapes I could find, harvested at the first sign of that distinctive floral musky punch. The fruit was handled as gently as possible as was the juice in order to retain as much aromatic fruit character as possible.

Cold fermentation in pressure tank further enhanced these unique volatile characters with the ferment arrested at the traditional 5.5% v/v alcohol (permitted by law for traditional Moscato D’Asti). Being a tank ferment the spritz in the bottle is that created from the ferment in turn giving distinct mouth feel and texture. I am sure it will be a very popular little gem, especially come summer time. Salute!" RockBare Wines completed its first vintage in 2000.

At the helm is winemaker Marty O'Flaherty, who had a successful career as a chef, culminating in leading the award-winning and acclaimed Stefano's in Mildura. While there his interest in wine-grew and he began studying wine-making at Charles Sturt University. He has since held various winemaking positions before finally landing at the helm of RockBare in 2009.

Rockbare work with growers across South Australia to create a range of wines that capture the unique characteristics of each region and varietal. Free from the constraint of owning their own vineyards they believe they are able to make wines that each have their own unique story. Each harvest Rockbare use the best grapes of the season in each region. Low-alcohol pink Moscato is a sweet, slightly bubbly wine, with peach and orange characteristics, that few can help but love.