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88/100 - Distiller

Enjoyably coastal single malt from the Old Pulteney range, launched in 2018 alongside three other excellent expressions. Excellent stuff from this much-celebrated distillery in the Highlands.

The Whisky Wash - "The Old Pulteney 15 year old whisky definitely hits you right away with the spiciness. As the distillery states, this is a good balance of the spicy and the sweet. The spices hit you hard, but then the sweetness lingers on your tongue. This is a very unique flavor whiskey."

The Dramble - "Old Pulteney 15 year old is really rather tasty, marrying fresh and crisp aromas and flavours with just enough sherry and just enough coast."

Whiskyreviews.net - "...It’s a thoroughly enjoyable dram ......and I have a feeling it could come to be seen, in years ahead, as the real star of the Pulteney range."

Drink Hacker - "Aged in second-fill bourbon barrels, and finished in first-fill Oloroso sherry butts. The sherry adds a lot of nuance here, giving the nose a nutty, honeyed character with notes of brown butter and a gentle citrus element. On the palate, the whisky kicks off with notes of lemon oil, then a big punch of sweetened breakfast cereal. Notes of orange peel build as the finish emerges, where a sharp citrus note and a nutty character, both endemic of sherried whiskies, lingers. Straightforward but fully enjoyable. 92 proof."

Thomas, Whisky Saga "This could possibly be my new go to Old Pulteney!"

Nose - Toffee, coffee and sultanas. Balanced sweetness of toffee and sea spray salinity.

Palate - Salted caramel cookies, green apple sharpness, sea salt and straw.

Finish - Chocolate with red chilli. A hint of spiced rum warmth.

Though Pulteney is no longer mainland Scotland’s most northerly distillery its stills remain the country’s oddest. It is possible that they retain a similar design to that installed by James Henderson which were described as being similar to those as used by smugglers, though these are considerably larger.